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The following are pictures from graduate school.

This is when myself and other students stayed at Joan's house (another colleague).  She was good to put us up for when we attended the NYASP convention.  From left to right are Rose Laterra, Jennifer Sherry, Kathy Pallidino, and Joan Hedrick. Joan at the annual Christmas party doing a "Groucho Marx" impression.  Bethany Davis is to the side stifling a laugh.


The counseling and psychological services students and staff at the annual Christmas party.  From left to right first row-Joe Montemaro, Brenda Farnahm, Meredith Shanley, Jennifer Sherry, and Howard Triche.  Second row from left to right are Vicki Parsnow, Paul Pennock, Dr. John Ruskowski, Bethany Davis, Mary Battista, John Garruto, Joan Hedrick, and Rose Laterra. My college graduation where I received (or better said recognized) for a Masters Degree.  From left to right are Vicki Parsnow, Brenda Farnahm, Dr. Thomas Cushman, John Garruto, and Dr. Janet Carlson.

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