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204 Hart Hall

Jody was my second roommate in college.  I moved in with him in August of 1992 and we lived together for two years.  


Fuzzy And Funny Memories

I remember when Jody and I first moved in, we played "The roommate game" in Hart Hall's basement lounge.  We scored the lowest of any team.  Even close friends Brian and Julie paired up because their roommates didn't want to play, and they had a higher score than we did!  It was "The Newlywed game" style and one of the questions is, "What is your roommate's favorite rock group."  I answered "Rush" and he starts screaming "What t-shirt are you wearing?"  Indeed I was wearing a Genesis t-shirt.

I remember Super Tecmo bowl...a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  We always tried to have a tournament with the guys on the floor, but the system would always lose the saved data.  He even had a "Tecmo Note" (See picture below with the note on the entertainment system) which advised how to save the game.

Jody saw the need to "abuse" me with his music.  He loved to make me listen to "They might be giants."  There was one song, "Which describes how you're feeling all the time" which stayed in my head for weeks on end.  There was another song about a dinner bell that just annoyed me:)



[png image]
Jody and Christy's engagement.  They got married on 6/7/97. Alright so it's not Jody, it's our RA Kristin.  I just included this picture so you could see the Tecmo note:) This is Jody on the day of our graduation (Class of 1995!)  He is wearing a gold robe for graduating Summa Cum Laude.  Sheesh he was my roommate, you would think some of his habits would have rubbed off on me!!!
Jody and Christy visited me on July 27, 2000.  Here is a picture of both of them at Breitbeck Park.  Lake Ontario is in the background. A picture of Jody and myself.