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My first job was in the Oswego City School District during the 1997--1998.  I took over as a substitute school psychologist for Kingsford Park and Frederick Leighton Elementary Schools.  The person I took over for was schooling full-time.  At the end of the year, there was no more room for my employment, so I was hired at LaFayette Schools. 

This was an interesting experiment.  At the Leighton Festival of the Arts, 1998, I took video footage, and then snapped a digital picture from the television set.  Anyway, this picture is of Mr.Al Mosier and Mrs. Janis Darby after the Festival. It was late at night, they needed their teddy bears!   My first year employed as a school psychologist...this was our last lunch out before I left the district.  From left clocwise are Mr. Ken Dowd, myself, Ms. Meg Quigley, and Mr. Al Mosier.

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