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After 13 grueling interviews in New York State for a new job as a school psychologist, I finally found a job in LaFayette, NY.  This is a small little district where 30% of the student population is Native American.  While I was hired as a school psychologist for grades7-12, I was also the district CSE Chairperson for all three schools.  While it was a tremendous experience, I was afforded the opportunity to work in Oswego again for the 1999-2000 school year.  I made many friends from the district and we still regularly keep in touch.

The surprise party Karen Markoff threw for me.  We used to celebrate each others birthdays through hat drawings.  While mine was the latest, I knew that Karen had my name.  However, instead of in the school, she was good enough to host the party at her home.  From left front row: Mrs. Karen Markoff, Mrs. Sharlene Doolittle, Mrs. Nancy Southwick, Mrs. Sue Beggs, Mrs. Paula Thompson.  Back: myself, Ms. Kim Allen. This is Ms. Gernhardt (English) with Mrs. Moore's (mathematics) son.  This was taken at an end of the year party hosted by Mrs. Terrilion.
My friends from LaFayette came to visit for lunch on August 14, 2003.  Above from left to right are Linda Callahan, myself, and Kim Allen. Another picture with Linda, myself, and Terri Fredenberg (my camera died before I could get a picture of the three of them!



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