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JCHS Questionnaire:
Darren Beardsley

Name of spouse/fiancée/significant other:
Cassandra Jo (O'Neil) Beardsley graduated Class of 1991 from Susquehanna Valley

What are you doing now?
Manager for CVS/Pharmacy

Where did you go after high school?
Broome Community College  (they have better horses, right Lin?)

Favorite memory from high school:
Going to Villa Pizza during breaks

Favorite teacher in high school:
I liked them all.

Do you have children now?  How many?  How old?
Yes, two girls.  Kayla Marie who was born on 7/31/95 and Chelsea Noel who was born on 4/21/99.

What will you be doing 10 years from now?
Who knows.  Opportunities and adventures are endless.  No matter what, I will definitely still be a father and husband!


Contact information:
112 Cypress Rd
Greene, NY 13778

(607) 656-8910