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1991 Senior Class Trip

June 1, 1991:

This was the first day of the senior class trip.  The bus left the high school early in the morning (about 6 A.M.) and headed to Ocean City, MD for three hours on the beach.  That night was spent in Inner Harbor Baltimore, MD for dinner at Fuddruckers and sightseeing.

Lin W. gets ready for the trip

Julia A. gets some sun

Lisa H. walks onto the beach

Becky D. and Teresa S. on the beach

Some classmates playing volleyball

After a little too much sun and a long day, the class begins to get a little silly, as Nikki C. shows!

Becky D. blows bubbles as Mary Beth P. tries to eat them.  Too much sun!

June 2, 2001:

The next day, the class was woken up early to be engaged in a flurry of activity.  The class toured Washington D.C. during the day.  We saw the congressional building, Library of Congress, Supreme Court (we were given 15 minutes total to look at the outsides of all three), the Washington Monument, Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, and the Smithsonian Museum.  At night, the class went on a dinner and dance cruise. 

Danelle M. is up and ready for D.C.!

Lisa H., on the other hand, needs more convincing!

Judy E., Sharon K., John G., Lin W., and Tonya L.  in front of the Washington monument (sorry picture is grainy!)

John Y and Chuck B. take a moment to look at a monument at the Vietnam War Memorial.

Geoff B. reads the inscription at Arlington Cemetery, while Teresa S. poses. 

Nikki C. thinks culture and history is fun, but enough of that, now it's time to party. 

On board waiting for dinner are Renata L., Sharon K., Tonya L., Lin W., Judy E., Katie H., and Hunaidah P. 

Katherine S, Judy E., Sharon K, Lin W., and Tonya L. on board.  

Danelle M., Julia A., Becky D., and Tiffany Y. on the dance floor.

Julia A., Danelle M., and Ototo V. 

Teresa S.  

June 3, 2001:

This was the last day of the trip.  We headed to King's Dominion amusement Park in VA. Unfortunately, all I have are "bus shots" from that day.  In fact, I didn't take most of these below and I cannot for the life of me remember who did.  

Everyone is definitely exhausted.  In the picture are Tim S., Geoff B., Chris S., Sean T., Ed S., Matt B.

Ed S.  I just can't think of a comment.  

Ed. S., Matt B., Chris S., and Sean T.

Pictured are Tonya L., Chuck B., and Jason S.  If you squint, you can see the trip advisors in the front, Mr. Allen and Ms. Mitrowitz!  

Teresa S. is conked out and makes do with "meager accommodations."

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