Darren is one of my friends I have known the longest.  I met Darren during my freshman year, 1988.  He was in two of my classes (Spanish and math). We got talking about a mutual friend and became friends soon after.  Darren was married to his wife, Cassy (O'Neil) in September of 1994 and has two children-Kayla and Chelsea.

Fuzzy And Funny Memories

One of my first memories of Darren was when we went swimming at the gorge in Ithaca.  We were in a pretty nasty current and I was trying to swim and asked him to help me to the side.  He looks at me and says "stand up", only to find out that the area of the gorge I was in turned out to be shallow.

Yes, I admit it, we used to play dungeons and dragons.  We would go to his friend Jim's, and play over there into the early hours of the morning.  We would walk back to his house in subzero temperatures, even though it was about a mile away (which is long under those conditions!)

As we got older, a bunch of us used to always walk to downtown Binghamton, usually on a crusade to reach Dunkin Donuts (this was quite a hike!)  Then we'd turn around and go home.  Actually we walked everywhere, managing to make it to Vestal a few times (this was a LONG hike)

I can still laugh at Darren and his wife, Cassy's,  wedding, a definite comedy of errors.  Everything from the candle being knocked over to the 10 year old groomsman catching the garter happened.  Think of the money that could be won!  

One of the earliest pictures of Darren that I own.  Here he is at my graduation party, giving his mother bunny ears.  From left to right are Joseph Prusik, Jason Beardsley, Ellen Beardsley, Darren Beardsley (June 1991). Darren and Cassy visiting me at SUNY Oswego in Fall of 1992 (look at that hair!) 
Darren and his daughter, Kayla, when visiting me in Manlius, NY (summer 1999). Chelsea's Baptism.  From left to right are Tara Rogalski (Godmother), Darren Beardsley, Cassy Beardsley, Chelsea Beardsley, and Jason Beardsley (Godfather). (Taken fall of 1999).