Denise and I have been dating since January of 2000.  So here's some stuff about her.

Funny and Fuzzy Memories

Denise and I saw a concert at Darien Lake (Styx and REO Speedwagon).  This woman next to us was obviously blasted and kept offering us stuff to "drink."  

We were at Chittenango Falls (see picture below) and I was determined to get a picture of both of us in front of the falls.  Because we were on a narrow bridge, I rested the camera on the railing, I asked that she and I bend our knees halfway to get into the lens frame!  Some couple took pity on us and took our picture (that is the one that is showing).

Okay this is an embarrassing one for me, but she remembers it with comic recollection.  On our second date, I was actually very sick.  However, I wanted to go see "Angelas Ashes" in Syracuse after reading the book.  I took medicine and felt fine throughout most of the movie.  She asked to go to dinner afterwards, and although I was beginning to feel ill (the medicine wore was a LONG movie), I acceded.  All throughout dinner I was sneezing and sounding like a flu commercial.  She still was willing to see me though after this that's devotion (or masochism!) 

The Billy Joel-Elton John concert was a night to remember!  I think we went all over Syracuse to kill time before the concert because we wanted to get there early.  Places we went to kill time:
    -Bruegers Bagles in Manlius, NY
    -Mill Run Park for a walk in Manlius, NY
    -LaFayette, NY to show her where I used to work (and how I used to get there)
    -The Carousel Center for lunch
    -A bar in Armory Square for a beer
    -After the concert we went to the Baldwinsville Diner
I'm still exhausted!


Denise and I at a friend's wedding. The famous Chittenango Falls picture:-)
Denise and I at Steve and Heather's house in Ithaca, NY.  The picture is a little grainy because it was taken with a webcam, but is a cute picture nevertheless!  Interestingly enough, this was on the same day as the picture to the right (April 28, 2001).  No, Denise did not flip her shirt inside-out, the camera took a mirror image shot. Denise at the falls in Trumansburg, NY-April 28, 2001.