Of all my friends, I actually knew Jason the longest.  We were assigned to the same gym class in 1987.  We used to hang out in gym and usually talk about video games.  We really didn't begin hanging out, however, until over a year later.  

Fuzzy And Funny Memories

Sitting on the rolled up gym mats and leaning against the wall, emulating the stupid Caramello "lean back" commercials (We also used to sing the commercials to "Crispy Critters" and "Suncheros")

Walking through "The Glens" (A nature reserve for IBM employees), we actually found a snowman in there.  Jason took a huge stick and smashed it (so cruel).

Working together at Wegmans.  One time Jason was working on the juice machine and I was on the floor.  A co employee put a baby back in the cart and said "I've seen too many babies fall and hit their heads on the floor, sounds like a bowling ball hit the floor."  I asked him, "Have you heard many bowling balls hit the floor? (being sarcastic"  He says "Oh yeah, I go bowling all the time."  Jason just fell on the floor and started laughing.

Jason, Jeff, and I were eating at Dennys.  At one point, Jason created something out of something and was stabbing it yelling "die, die, die" very loud.  A waitress walked by and said "I think it's dead sir."

Pictures and more to come soon.