Congratulations Christine and John Hudacek
September 29, 2001

On September 29, 2001, my cousin Christine (Pascone) Hudacek and John Hudacek were married in Annapolis, MD.  Here are some pictures of the occasion:

John and Christine at the church

Another shot of John and Christine in front of the church

Russell and Lisa Garruto at the church

Christine's parents, John and Cathy Pascone (my uncle and aunt), awaiting announcement at reception

More of the family.  From left to right are Kathy Garruto (my mother), Louis Pascone (my grandfather), Mary Funigiello (my aunt), Elizabeth Pascone (my grandmother), and Vinny Funigiello (my uncle)

Christine and John doing their father-daughter/mother son dances.  In the foreground are Lisa and Tony.

A fine picture of the Garruto siblings.  From left to right is my sister Michelle, myself, and my brother Russell.

The bride and groom posing for another picture

At the kids' table: From left around to right are my brother and sister-in-law Russell and Lisa, my Uncle Vinny Funigiello, my cousin Tony Funigiello, his girlfriend Athena, my girlfriend, my sister's friend Kris (I'm sorry, I could not touch up the eyes), and my sister Michelle

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