Introduction to Ireland tour
August 1-August 8

From August 1-August 8, Denise and I took a Globus tour to Ireland.  We had a terrific time.  This page details some of the experiences (with pictures) of the trip:

Meet our group!

Day 2:
On this day, we arrived in Dublin, Ireland.  On this day, we stayed at the Jury's Ballbridge Hotel, toured Dublin, and visited Trinity College (where we saw the Book of Kells and the very Impressive "Long Room.")  Unfortunately, I have no photographs from anything done this day (The Trinity College library did not allow pictures.)  

Day 3:
This was probably one of our busiest days.  On this day, we saw the Stud Farm, Cashel (where St. Patrick preached), and toured Limerick.  That night we had a medieval banquet at Knappogue Castle.

Two horses kissing at the Stud Farm.  

This is "Cashel" from where St. Patrick preached.

Another picture of Cashel

The stone where the Treaty of Limerick was signed.

The river Shannon in Limerick.  Those of you who read "Angela's Ashes" will note that this is the same river Frank McCourt indicated for exacerbating the consumption.

Another picture of the Shannon.


St. Mary's Cathederal in Limerick.

Statues seen next to a church on the Shannon.

The courtyard as seen from our hotel room in Ennis.

Knappogue Castle

Denise at Knappogue Castle

The Knappogue Castle medieval banquet.

Day 4:
On this day, we saw Rathbaun Farm, Gallway, (where it rained hard enough that we were forced into a tourist center), and the Burren, and the spectacular Cliffs of Moher:

The thatched farmhouse at Rathbaun Farm.

Inside the farmhouse with the peat burning.

The tearoom at Rathbaun Farm.

Denise and I on Galway Bay.

The rocky Burren.

The spectacular Cliffs of Moher.

The Cliffs of Moher.

Yes, more of the Cliffs.

Final one of the Cliffs, I swear!

 Day 5:
This was the best day in terms of views.  First we crossed the Shannon Estatuary by ferry.  We toured a museum and then saw the Ring of Kerry.  After this drive (where I lost and subsequently retrieved my camera), we took a jaunting car ride at Killarney Park.  Only a few pictures as I used my video camera for the most part here.

Taken from the ferryboat on the Shannon.

Another picture from the ferry.

A lighthouse in the distance, also taken on the ferry.

Taken from the Ring of Kerry.

The bay photographed from the "Scarriff Inn."  This picture was taken, the camera then set on the table, where it resided after I left (thank goodness another coach brought it to us!)

This picture of Tralee was taken from our room window in the Brandon Hotel.  

Day 5:
Today we traveled from Tralee to Blarney, where we went shopping.  We also climbed Blarney castle where Denise kissed the stone.  (No I didn't, after hearing the true story I could not bring myself to do it!)  I just want to mention though that going down the stairs in that castle was a nightmare.  That afternoon, we toured the Waterford Crystal Factory.  That night we had a pub tour at "The Cozy Thatch", with Tommy Commerford playing.   

Denise and I in front of Blarney castle.  

Taken from the roof of Blarney Castle.

Another picture of the countryside from the roof of Blarney Castle.

Another castle seen from the roof of Blarney Castle.

The line to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Outside the "Cozy Thatch" pub.

Day 6:
On this day we went and saw the Avoca weaving mill.  We went through Enniscorthy to Glendalough to see the monastaries.  I have no photographs of this day as again I used mostly video on this day.  We saw the "Jurys Caberet" show that night also.  The next day we went home.  

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